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Sunday, July 08, 2007

Bush's surge is working: 220 killed over the weekend

The experts you hear on TV forget to mention that the savages weren't killing each other before the Bush administration decided to invade their country. Are these the same savages they wanted so desperately to liberate?

An Iraqi woman weeps during the funeral of her relatives. Grief gripped the Iraqi village of Ermeli as black mourning banners, armbands, bloodstains and soot bore grim testament to a truck bomb attack that left 140 dead.(AFP/Wissam Al-Okaili)

A victim of a suicide truck bomb that killed 23 new Iraqi army recruits is treated in hospital in Haswa July 8, 2007. A suicide truck bomber killed 23 new Iraqi army recruits when he rammed into their vehicle south of Baghdad on Sunday, police said, a day after a huge truck bomb killed 150 people in the north of the country. REUTERS/Mohanned Faisal (IRAQ)


At 7/09/2007 6:16 AM, Anonymous jack boo said...

Actually there's been "remarkable" success in the Anbar Province...


And more good news from Michael Yon who is witnessing it first hand:

I’ve seen this kind of progression in Mosul, out in Anbar and other places, and when I ask our military leaders if they have sensed any shift, many have said, yes, they too sense that Iraqis view us differently. In the context of sectarian and tribal strife, we are the tribe that people can — more or less and with giant caveats — rely on.

Most Iraqis I talk with acknowledge that if it was ever about the oil, it’s not now. Not mostly anyway. It clearly would have been cheaper just to buy the oil or invade somewhere easier that has more. Similarly, most Iraqis seem now to realize that we really don’t want to stay here, and that many of us can’t wait to get back home. They realize that we are not resolved to stay, but are impatient but to drive down to Kuwait and sail away. And when they consider the Americans who actually deal with Iraqis every day, the Iraqis can no longer deny that we really do want them to succeed. But we want them to succeed without us. We want to see their streets are clean and safe, their grass is green, and their birds are singing. We want to see that on television. Not in person. We don’t want to be here. We tell them that every day. It finally has settled in that we are telling the truth.


At 7/10/2007 11:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

More oil. Oh yeah, Invade Saudi Arabia, home of Bush's best friends. What a crock.

If you want real news, read this from American Progress:

Six months ago, on Jan. 10, President Bush announced his plan to send more than 20,000 more troops into Iraq. The Gavel has highlights of what has happened since that time:

590 U.S. soldiers have died and 3,575 have been wounded in Iraq since January 10, 2007. [icasualties.org, 1/10/07-7/9/07]

At least 13,463 civilians and members of the Iraqi Security Forces have died since January 2007, according to media reports. [icasualties.org]

According to an internal military assessment, the U.S. military’s plan to secure Baghdad against a rising insurgency is falling far short of its goal. Fewer than one-third of Baghdad’s neighborhoods are under the control of U.S. and Iraqi forces. [New York Times, 6/4/07]

No progress has been made on the political benchmarks the Iraqi government was supposed to have met already. Oil sharing legislation, the reversal of deBaathification, new election laws, scheduling of provincial elections, amending the constitution and efforts to disband the militias are all languishing either in parliament or in negotiations among the three parties. [Washington Post, 7/8/07]

UPDATE: The Washington Post reminds us that the administration “initially envisioned a troop increase lasting six to eight months,” but is now anticipating “keeping the extra troops in place until next spring and then beginning to pull them back, one brigade at a time.”

At 8/15/2007 11:35 PM, Blogger JACK BOO said...

Hey, looks like the photographer who took the pic you posted of the Iraqi woman weeping is in the news!



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