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Thursday, July 05, 2007

Support the troops

The anti-American left has been saying this for years. Unfortunately, the Democrats are worthless on this issue.

I wrote about homeless vets back in February, 2005, and knew that once stories about the poor treatment of veterans hit the mainstream, it would explode. The Washington Post's expose about the poor conditions at Walter Reed drew attention to the hypocrisy for a few weeks, but what's really changed?

This was written by Retired General William Odom. He was Director of the National Security Agency from 1985 to 1988. From 1981 to 1985, he served as Assistant Chief of Staff for Intelligence, the Army's senior intelligence officer.
Every step the Democrats in Congress have taken to force the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq has failed. Time and again, President Bush beats them into submission with charges of failing to "support the troops."

Why do the Democrats allow this to happen? Because they let the president define what "supporting the troops" means. His definition is brutally misleading. Consider what his policies are doing to the troops.

No U.S. forces have ever been compelled to stay in sustained combat conditions for as long as the Army units have in Iraq. In World War II, soldiers were considered combat-exhausted after about 180 days in the line. They were withdrawn for rest periods. Moreover, for weeks at a time, large sectors of the front were quiet, giving them time for both physical and psychological rehabilitation. During some periods of the Korean War, units had to fight steadily for fairly long periods but not for a year at a time. In Vietnam, tours were one year in length, and combat was intermittent with significant break periods.


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