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Saturday, January 06, 2007

Winning Hearts & Minds

Why do they (the rest of the world) hate us, Mr. Bush?
U.S. Marines gunned down five unarmed Iraqis who stumbled onto the scene of a 2005 roadside bombing in Haditha, Iraq, according to eyewitness accounts that are part of a lengthy investigative report obtained by The Washington Post.

Staff Sgt. Frank D. Wuterich, the squad's leader, shot the men one by one after Marines ordered them out of a white taxi in the moments following the explosion, which killed one Marine and injured two others, witnesses told investigators. Another Marine fired rounds into their bodies as they lay on the ground.

"The taxi's five occupants exited the vehicle and according to U.S. and Iraqi witnesses, were shot by Wuterich as they stood, unarmed, next to the vehicle approximately ten feet in front of him," said a report by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service on the incident that runs thousands of pages.

One of the witnesses, Sgt. Asad Amer Mashoot, a 26-year-old Iraqi soldier who was in the Marine convoy, told investigators he watched in horror as the four students and the taxi driver fell. "They didn't even try to run away," he said. "We were afraid from Marines and we saw them behaving like crazy. They were yelling and screaming."

The shootings were the first in a series of violent reactions by Marines on the morning of Nov. 19, 2005 that left 24 civilians -- many of them women and children -- dead, in what some human rights groups and Iraqis have called a massacre by U.S. troops.

The report, which relied on hundreds of interviews with Marines, Iraqi soldiers and civilian survivors conducted months after the incident, presents a fragmented and sometimes conflicting chronicle of the violence that day. But taken together, the accounts provide evidence that as the Marines came under attack, they responded in ways that are difficult to reconcile with their rules of engagement.


At 1/06/2007 11:01 AM, Anonymous jack boo said...

"Why do they (the rest of the world) hate us, Mr. Bush?"

I dunno. Because we're the only country on the planet that have people that do bad things?

By the way...."the rest of the world" is a pretty big place. (Hey, and aren't we pretty cool with Australia?)

And if you could name a few countries that don't hate Iran would that mean that they are more loveable than us? And more importantly, why would it matter?

At 1/12/2007 7:53 AM, Anonymous nick said...

The entire rest of the world may not hate us, but to think that our standing among the peoples of the global community has not been dangerously damaged by BushCo and our rampant rape of other countries' humans and resources in the name of Christo-fascist self-annointed moral police of the world superpower is plain ignorant. American's ugliness in their attitudes towards the rest of the world in our xenophobia, self-righteousness and hubris is not only damaging to our credibility as moral leaders, but severely damages our security as a democracy and in our daily lives.
Anyone who claims that our worldwide reputation does not matter is guilty of pre-9/11 thinking and Bush apologists have no more ground to stand on.
And if Australia is to represent the dwindling "coalition of the willing" (including renditionists) who support the US, versus the rest of the world, I'll take my chances with all of the other nations who prefer common sense, diplomacy and humanity over "faith-based" ideological and pre-emptive military attacks on innocent populations.
The topic of this post had nothing to do with Iran. Ad hominem attacks on those whom Bush seeks to attack for his own political gain mean nothing.


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