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Saturday, June 10, 2006

What's Happening in Afghanistan?

Bush's Bubble:
"People all over the world are watching the experience here in Afghanistan. I hope the people of Afghanistan understand that democracy takes hold. We like stories of young girls going to school for the first time so they can realise their potential. We appreciate the free press. We are enthralled when we see an entrepreuneurial class grow up where people are able to grow up and realise their dreams."
-Bush, speaking in Kabul on March 1, 2006

The worst three weeks of violence since the fall of the Taliban have left more than 500 people dead, the U.S.-led coalition said Saturday.

Fighting on Saturday killed six insurgents and three police, officials said. Late Friday, a top Afghan intelligence agent narrowly survived a bomb attack on his convoy that killed three other people near the capital, Kabul.

Much of the recent Taliban fighting is believed funded by the country's $2.8 billion trade in opium and heroin — about 90 percent of the world's supply.

The daily violence has raised fears of a Taliban resurgence almost five years after the Islamic extremists were driven out by a U.S.-led invasion for harboring al-Qaida.


At 6/10/2006 9:15 PM, Anonymous the blogger's friendly friend said...

Only you would be reading about Afghanistan on Saturday night at 8:42 pm.


At 6/10/2006 9:17 PM, Anonymous the blogger's friendly friend said...

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At 6/10/2006 9:19 PM, Blogger storiesinamerica said...

Yeah, and listening to 80s hair bands..

At 6/11/2006 8:47 PM, Anonymous timmy said...

Gee, and Afganistan used to be such a nice place before we butted in (especially for women -- don't miss the description of what medical care was like for women in response to the question "Do you see any future for women in Afghanistan?")....


At 11/25/2009 5:56 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear George Walker Bush,
recent blogger.
Get A LIFE. :D

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