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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Donate! Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers

Robert Greenwald, the documentarian behind Uncovered: The War on Iraq, the film that exposed the lies behind the reasons for going to war years ago, and Outfoxed, the disturbing, but hilarious film about the fair and balanced Fox News, just announced his newest project, Iraq for Sale: The War Profiteers. Because Greenwald doesn't have a corporate machine behind him, he's hoping to raise $300,000 in order to complete the film in time for the November election. In less than two days, he's raised over $167,000. Click here to donate to this important project:
If you want to change the culture of profits over patriotism that is George Bush's Washington and Tom DeLay's Congress, your contribution provides more leverage, more value than any candidate contribution or just about anything you'll do this year. Here's why.

Progressives have a real chance to take back at least the House and maybe the Senate this year. We are within fifteen seats of having a majority in the House that will demand real national security, not the profits over patriotism policy of Bush, Inc. All we have to do is show people in key areas of this country that the Bush crony capitalists have endangered our soldiers in Iraq, have made us less safe and are now costing us billions at the gas pump as a result of their ill-conceived military adventures. In other words, we need to tell the truth.

History shows the way. In 1972, Richard Nixon won in a landslide by telling us that he had a secret plan for peace, that he'd bring the boys home and make us safer. By 1974, after Congressional hearings, Richard Nixon had resigned in disgrace and his Congressional cronies joined him in retirement. This tidal wave extended to many state houses as well. The U.S. House or Representatives class of 1974 is one of the most progressive in U.S. history. The American people understood clearly that the only way to restore the freedoms we all cherish was to sweep out all that Nixon stood for. And we did.

In 1994, Newt Gingrich nationalized the Congressional election by creating his Contract with America. Even though Bill Clinton would be elected in a landslide two years later, Gingrich convinced the public that he had the answers. Boy, did he ever.

The news is so much worse this time that it's got to get better. Bush barely won in 2004. He invented reasons to go to war and may well do so again. The American people list the war in Iraq as our number one concern. We are clearly less secure today than we were before Bush took office. Tom DeLay is on the way to jail. Duke Cunningham is in jail. Jack Abramoff will go to jail as soon as he stops singing. The house of cards is collapsing.

But we have to expect an October surprise from Bush/Rove. That's where Iraq for Sale fits in. Come September, with your help, we'll have the film that shows that the only ones benefiting from the war in Iraq are Bush's friends in the construction and contract security business (and of course big oil). This film will make you want to scream, but true to Brave New Films' form, it will give you the tools to show your neighbors and friends why change must occur in November, 2006. This film will nationalize the Congressional election and assure that Bush cannot change the subject, but is instead the subject of change.


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I've decided to give up coffee for a month and donate. Thanks for the link.


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