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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Happy Equal Pay Day

Not surprisingly, this isn't getting much attention today:
On Equal Pay Day April 25th 2006, Dr. Evelyn Murphy, economist, former Lt. Governor of Massachusetts and author of the new book Getting Even: Why Women Don't Get Paid Like Men and What To Do About It, announced a new national collaborative grassroots strategy to close the wage gap.

"This Equal Pay Day, we are announcing that women will not wait another 40 years for equal pay," explained Dr. Murphy. "Over a lifetime this wage gap adds up to astonishing financial losses for women. A high school graduate loses $700,000. A college graduate loses $1.2 million. A professional school graduate loses $2 million. These losses are personal - and unacceptable."

"The wage gap won't go away unless women take action to change it," explained Dr. Murphy, who has been studying the wage gap for decades. To help women take action, Murphy founded The WAGE Project, a new national non-profit dedicated to closing the wage gap within 10 years through a nationwide collaborative grassroots campaign, and launched a new website, www.wageproject.org.

The WAGE Project has joined forces with the National Committee on Pay Equity, a coalition of organizations working to eliminate wage discrimination, and many of the nation's leading women's groups including the BPW, YWCA, AAUW, NOW and the Feminist Majority Foundation, in a new collaborative nationwide grassroots movement ' through the formation of "WAGE Clubs" designed to close the wage gap once and for all.


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