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Thursday, April 03, 2008

Why America Lost Iraq

If you truly want to know what went wrong in Iraq, please read Defeat: Why America and Britain Lost Iraq, by Guardian correspondent Jonathan Steele. He knows the history well and he actually interviewed Iraqis before and after the invasion to hear their opinions. Everything they predicted came true. He also writes about the arrogance of Paul Bremer, the man who went into Iraq with an iron fist and literally wrote their constitution.

Unlike most reporters, Steele was not "embedded" with the U.S. military.

The narrative we're hearing in the U.S. media is extremely simplified and fails to provide any sort of historical context.

PLEASE read this book and share it with friends.

Jonathan Steele will be on my radio show tomorrow at 11 am PST.


At 4/04/2008 9:25 AM, Blogger JACK BOO said...

With all due respect to Mr. Steele, I think I'll wait to see what General Petraeus has to say about how we've "lost the war" before jumping to conclusions.

At 4/05/2008 8:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great interview.. This is an occupation and the occupation was failed from the beginning. The stories he told about Iraqis being humiliated by U.S. forces were heartbreaking.


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