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Monday, March 31, 2008

This week on Your Call Radio

Here's what's coming up on Your Call this week.

A live call-in radio show, Your Call airs from 11 am - noon PST on KALW 91.7 FM in San Francisco.
You can listen live or podcast the show.

*Tuesday - A look back at Barbara Seaman's life
We'll pay tribute to writer and health activist Barbara Seaman. Her 1969 book, "The Doctors' Case Against the Pill," is credited with launching the modern women's health movement. According to Cynythia Pearson, "The kind of journalism that Barbara started doing back in the 1960s affected most of the women in this country." Barbara Seaman died of lung cancer earlier this month. She was 75.
Guests: Barbara Brenner, Executive Director Breast Cancer Action, and Norma Swenson, one of the founders of Our Bodies OurSelves

*Wednesday - A conversation with Matt Gonzalez, former president of the SF Board of Supervisors and VP candidate on the Independent ticket

*Thursday - A conversation with David Wilcove, author of "No Way Home: The Decline of the World's Great Animal Migrations"

*Friday - A conversation with Jonathan Steele, author of "Defeat: Why America and Britain Lost Iraq" `


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