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Thursday, December 27, 2007

This is what democracy in the United States looks like...

From MediaBistro:
We couldn't help but notice that, during yesterday's press conference by President Bush, he did not (for the first time in a weally long time) call on CNN, making CNN's Ed Henry and Helen Thomas (who almost never gets called on by Bush) the only two front-row journos not to be called on.

Any reason why? Who knows (an email to the White House went unreturned), but the conspiracy theorist in us wonders if it the snub is perhaps punishment for CNN's tough questions to Dana Perino in recent days over the CIA videotape case.

Take a look at this transcript at cnn.com of Henry's Wednesday package (one day before the president's presser, by the way) about how Perino is handling questions about the CIA tape case.


At 12/30/2007 7:39 AM, Blogger JACK BOO said...

So, the face of democracy in this country looks like a couple CNN reporters who didn't get called on to ask questions ("for the first time in a really long time") at a press conference.

THIS is why I love this blog.


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