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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The media on torture

Isn't it amazing that the media are still asking if the U.S. tortures? I'd like to read the psychological assessments of the torturers:
Today, a Democracy Now! broadcast exclusive. A victim of the CIA rendition program-kidnapped, held in secret jails and tortured-speaks out in his own words. His name is Mohamed Farag Ahmad Bashmilah, one of hundreds of men to have passed through the CIA's so-called "black sites." Today, he tells his story.

"When we arrived at the airport, they took me to a hall. And without any precautions or anything, I felt that I was being pulled violently by some other people. They took me to another room. They started tearing down my clothes, from above all the way down. And I was being stripped completely naked. They started taking pictures from all directions. And they also started to beat me on my sides and also my feet. And then they put me in a position similar to the position of prostration in Muslim prayer, which is similar to the fetal position. And in that position, one of them inserted his finger in my anus very violently. I was in terrible pain, and I started to scream. When they started taking pictures, I could see that they were people who were masked. They were dressed in black from head to toe, and they were also wearing surgical gloves."


At 12/19/2007 2:41 PM, Blogger JACK BOO said...

And everyone knows that Mohamed Farag Ahmad Bashmilah always tells the truth.


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