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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What is everyday life like in Iraq?

Here's what's coming up on my radio show tomorrow (Wednesday) from 10:00-11:00 am PST on KALW 91.7 FM. You can also listen online.

As U.S. Senators spend the night giving speeches about their vision for Iraq and analysts who’ve never been to Iraq debate the situation on cable news shows, we’re going to spend the hour talking to Iraqis about everyday life on the ground in Baghdad and what they want for the future of their own country.


Dr. Saad Eskandar is Director of Iraq’s National Library and Archives. When he took over in 2003, the library had been looted and burned. Dr. Eskandar writes a daily blog about everyday life in Baghdad.

Basma Alkhatib is the project manager for AlAmal, an organization that works with Iraqi women and youth. She used to run the Iraqi operation of the United Nations Development Fund for Women.

Sinan Antoon is an Iraqi novelist poet and film maker. Sinan traveled to Iraq in summer of 2003 and made the documentary film “About Baghdad,” which chronicled life in Iraq after the occupation. Sinan is assistant professor of Arabic culture and literature at the Gallatin School of New York University and he is out with a new book called, “I’jaam: An Iraqi Rhapsody.


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