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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

What Happens When an Iraq Vet Returns Home?

"He'd been back for almost two months, but he was still checking to see where his weapon was every time he got in a vehicle. He drove aggressively, talked aggressively, and sometimes I could swear that he was breathing aggressively. This was not the man I married, this hard-eyed, hyper-vigilant stranger who spent his nights watching the dozens of DVDs that he got from soldiers he served with in Iraq. He couldn't sleep, and missed the adrenaline surge of constant, imminent danger. The amateur videos of combat eased the ache of withdrawal from war, but did nothing to heal my soldier's heart."
-Stacy Bannerman, author of "When the War Came Home: The Inside Story of Reservists and the Families They Leave Behind"


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