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Monday, March 05, 2007

Veterans Testify in DC About Deplorable Conditions at Water Reed

This is how the Bush administration supports the troops. This could've been taken care of years ago, but the mass media refused to give the story the traction it needed for real change. Bush was trying to pass gay marriage bans while the veterans he supports suffered:
Sergeant Shannon testified that treatments were delayed because of lost documents, and that it appeared to him that the system had been “designed specifically to reduce the government’s cost of veteran care.”

He also testified that he waited for weeks after being discharged from Walter Reed without hearing from anyone about continuing care. “Finally, I went through the paperwork I was given, and started calling all the phone numbers, until I reached my case manager, who promptly got me the appointments I needed,” he said.

Spec. Jeremy Duncan, who was wounded by a roadside bomb in Iraq, spoke about dilapidated conditions in the residential structure at Walter Reed, known as Building 18.

He testified that the walls of his room had holes in them and black mold growing on them.

“It wasn’t for anybody to live in a room like that,” Specialist Duncan said. “Most wounded soldiers, you know, you have just come out of recovery, you have weakened immune systems — the black mold can do damage to people.”


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