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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

From Gaza, With Love

Why isn't the liberal media reporting on what's happening in Gaza?

The following was written by Mona El-Farra, a physician and women's rights activist living in Gaza:

26th of July
6:45 pm
Jabalia refugee camp ,
Al Awda Hospital
Emergency Room

Shahd an 8 month baby girl
Maria a 4 years old child
Arrived the hospital dead

Somia and her remaining two daughters, arrived at the hospital suffering from their serious injuries, the 2 girls are now in the operating room , doctors are trying hard to save their lives , the mother's injuries are very critical , she was referred to the town central hospital (AlShifa Hospital).

Samir,an extremely traumatized husband and father , was unable to believe what happened to his family.

Early this evening Israeli army tank launched one missile against this family's home , inside Jablia refugee camp,during its raid against the camp ,as well as the eastern part of Gaza City,
This assault started in the early hours of this morning , at 4 am ,loud explosions from sea , air and land ,wakened me up as well as all the towns citizens ,I did not know what was happening ,until I switched on the little battery powered radio ,the death toll reached 19 ,a number that might increase, tens are injured , they all reached the town's different hospitals including Alawda in Jabalia .
Many homes were demolished, many places are hazardous to reach, roads are deserted, and the general population mood is anxious and insecure,
Many children lost their parents, many parents lost their children, our news isn't covered, people are feeling disappointed, devastated and abandoned with the world's reaction, especially the governments
Your solidarity is highly needed at those times , please spread the truth. The Israeli occupying force use excessive force, in Gaza and Lebanon
End occupation
End the aggression against Palestinian and Lebanon
yours in love and solidarity


At 7/26/2006 5:37 PM, Anonymous timmy said...

"Why isn't the liberal media reporting on what's happening in Gaza?"

I agree, it's amazing what stories the liberal media ignores. Like this one:



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