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Monday, July 24, 2006

Father of Conservatism Slams Bush

"If you had a European prime minister who experienced what we've experienced it would be expected that he would retire or resign."
-William F. Buckley, the father of modern conservatism in an interview with CBS News
"I think Mr. Bush faces a singular problem best defined, I think, as the absence of effective conservative ideology -- with the result that he ended up being very extravagant in domestic spending, extremely tolerant of excesses by Congress," Buckley says. "And in respect of foreign policy, incapable of bringing together such forces as apparently were necessary to conclude the Iraq challenge."

Asked what President Bush's foreign policy legacy will be to his successor, Buckley says "There will be no legacy for Mr. Bush. I don't believe his successor would re-enunciate the words he used in his second inaugural address because they were too ambitious. So therefore I think his legacy is indecipherable"


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How do you say that American president bush slam by father of conservatism?


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