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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Diverse Group Protests Bush Visit in W. Virginia

After the media gets sick of Ann Coulter, maybe they'll give these people some air time. I know, wishful thinking. After all, the media is liberal. Why would they want to interview a 70-year-old man who just took part in his first protest?

Demonstrators protesting against the policies of President Bush line the South Side Bridge as the president's motorcade passes, Wednesday, July 26, 2006, in Charleston, W.Va. Bush was in the area to attend a private campaign fundraiser for Congresswoman Shelley Moore Capito. (AP Photo/Jeff Gentner)

"I feel for every mother in this country."
-Jo Ann Johnstone, a 64-year-old mom whose two sons have served in the Army and Marines

"I think people have just gotten so tired of this. So many people are dying and yet he wouldn't OK stem-cell research."
-Buck Johnstone, a 70-year-old Verizon retiree, joined his wife Jo Ann in his first protest ever

"I am not so much protesting as standing up for peace. I have changed tactics. During Vietnam, I was so angry. Now I am trying to understand there are good people on both sides. Everyone is probably for freedom. As a grandmother, I am seeing we are all just a part of the planet."
-Pam Rockwell, a 50-year-old social worker

"The songs are gone. The spirit is gone. The times were different with the Civil Rights movement and Vietnam. There was greater belief that that the government might do good if prodded a bit."
-Dan Kurkland, 66, founder of Patriots for Peace

"As a Christian, it is paramount to love your enemies. Why do I come here today? It is my first calling."
-Rev. Dennis Sparks, 57, executive director of West Virginia Council of Churches


At 7/27/2006 2:10 PM, Anonymous timmy said...

"After all, the media is liberal. Why would they want to interview a 70-year-old man who just took part in his first protest?"

Good question. This story should be leading the evening news. Finding someone against the war is like a major scoop right there. Who'd a thought! And the fact that he's 70 is HUGE news. I mean, that is friggin OLD! I bet there's probably only a few people on the planet that ancient. But what really blows me away, is that this wasn't his third protest, or even his second...this was his FIRST goddamit!!!

We can only wonder what sage words he might have brought to the national debate...


"That young whippersnapper George is reminds me of this bully I knew growing up. His name was...oh gosh, what WAS his name...Andy? Stan? Jimmy? No,no, it wasn't Jimmy. Jimmy worked in the hardware store down on 5th Street. He broke Ma Richard's window with his sling shot...I think it was the day after the 4th of July...or was it the day before the 4th of July? I know it was a Tuesday. Excuse me, but you wouldn't happen to have a 1936 calender in that there broadcasting truck would you, sonny? My, my, thats a fancy truck you got there, boy. What's that there? Is that some sort of radar dish on top of it? Good Lord, we certainly never saw a truck like that back in my day."


"You listen to me young fella...what is that? A camera?...This war needs to end now. That blithering idiot Churchill got us into this gol dern mess and it's high time we stood up to him and told him to go pound sand in his ear!"


"Hot damn! That young filly GI Kate has one spectacular rack, I'll tell you what!"

Oh well. I guess we'll never know what he would have said. (Homer grousing voice) "Damn liberal media!"


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