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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Abortion Ultrasound Law Passes in Michigan, Kentucky to Document Abortion Counseling Sessions

Reproductive Rights

Mich. Governor OKs Abortion Ultrasound Law - AP
Women considering an abortion will have the chance to see ultrasound imaging of the fetus under legislation signed Friday by Democratic Gov. Jennifer Granholm. Until now, Michigan law has required that women have a chance to review diagrams and descriptions showing a developing fetus, but not their own. The new law allows, but does not require, clinics to do an ultrasound exam.

Effort To Outlaw Abortion In Kentucky Voted Down - WCPO
The effort to outlaw abortion in the State of Kentucky is dead. The Senate killed the amendment that would end abortion in the Bluegrass State. House Bill 585 though does strengthen informed consent laws. Women who seek an abortion may soon have to schedule a face-to-face meeting with a medical professional before having the procedure done. Current state law requires women to receive counseling and then 24-hours before have an abortion procedure. Under the new proposal, meetings would have to be documented.


Muslim women raise voices worldwide - Toronto Star
During the height of the Danish cartoon controversy, Canadian media interviewed male Muslim leaders exclusively, without bothering to seek out leaders among Muslim women. It's a given that Muslim leaders are men, preferably with beards. Haideh Moghissi, a sociology professor at York University, says that rigid, unforgiving and sexist voices are considered valid voices by Western media. When a Muslim woman speaks out or assumes a leadership role, she's called militant.


Nurses to help check pregnancies in UK schools - HindustanTimes
Nurses will now work for birth control in all the schools of England in a move to slash the rising incidence of teenage pregnancies. There are currently 2,409 nurses who work in primary and secondary schools across the country but the latest announcement signals a massive extension, reported the online edition of Daily Mail. By 2010, every primary care trust will be funded to have at least one full-time qualified nurse working with each small group of state primary schools and their local secondary, it said.

Strait-Laced Hem in Straight Talk for Uganda Teens - Women's eNews
Thirteen years ago, two female anti-AIDS activists in Uganda started Straight Talk, a frank and pioneering sex education forum for African teens. Today, while not officially censored, it copes with a sense of being hemmed in.


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