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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Another Day of Hell in Iraq

Soaad Ahmed, 45, sits inside her damaged hairdressing salon in Baqouba, 60 kilometers (35 miles) northeast of Baghdad, Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2006. Eight beauty parlors and three liquor stores were blown up in Baqouba during the previous night. (AP Photo/Mohammed Adnan)

Shiite Muslims pilgrims visit a Shiite Muslim shrine in the Iraqi city of Samarra Monday, Feb. 2, 2004. A large explosion destroyed the golden dome of one of Iraq's most famous Shiite shrines Wednesday Feb. 22, 2006, spawning mass protests and triggering reprisal attacks against Sunni mosques. It was the third major attack against Shiite targets this week and threatened to enflame sectarian tensions.(AP Photo/Khalid Mohammed)

Iraqis gather at the ruins of a Shrine in Samarra, 95 kilometers (60 miles) north of Baghdad, Wednesday, Feb. 22, 2006. A large explosion Wednesday heavily damaged the golden dome of one of Iraq's most famous Shiite religious shrines, sending protesters pouring into the streets. It was the third major attack against Shiite targets in as many days. (AP Photo/Khalid Mohammed)

An Iraqi Shi'ite woman reacts during a protest outside the Kazemiya mosque in Baghdad February 22, 2006. A dawn bomb attack wrecked a major Shi'ite Muslim shrine in the Iraqi city of Samarra on Wednesday, sparking protests, some of them violent, and forcing an urgent government appeal to avoid sectarian reprisals. (REUTERS/Namir Noor-Eldeen)


At 2/22/2006 11:48 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is my kind of democracy.

At 2/23/2006 1:27 PM, Anonymous timmy said...

I'd like to know what kind of democracy is "your kind." If it's the kind where nothing bad ever happens, then yeah, I can see why you're not happy.

Maybe we should coax all the bad guys out of the country with a trail of delicious candy. Then, once their bellys are full and they are all sleepy and happy, we'll calmly explain that we don't approve of what they've been doing and it's not very nice and we wish they'd stop. And they'll all be like, "Whoa, I never thought of it that way. You guys are my friends! I like you!" And then everybody will hug and cry, and then get a little embarrassed about crying, and then make some jokes to cover up being embarrassed. And then a beautiful rainbow will appear, and a shy unicorn will walk down it, and all the bad men will ride the unicorn to the North Pole, and spend the rest of his life helping Santa make wonderful toys for all the good little girls and boys, and there'll be hot chocolate, and, and, and, and nobody will ever ever die again for any reason ever again.


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