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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Who Supports the 9/11 Forgotten Heroes?

The hypocrisy of this administration is unbelievable. As Bush continually uses 9/11 as a reason to strip Americans of their civil liberties and start an unjustified war, the people who worked 24/7 looking for survivors and cleaning up the wreckage after 9/11 were told by the Environmental Protection Agency that there weren't any health hazards to be concerned about. Today, many 9/11 workers are dealing with serious health problems and the government has left them to fend for themselves.

A new show on Link TV, called, Sierra Club Chronicles: 9/11 Forgotten Heroes, gives a voice to those who've been affected:
Soon after 9/11, John Feal, a construction supervisor, and his co-workers started experiencing serious respiratory problems, a condition they now call "The World Trade Center Cough." Feal spent two months in the hospital last year. Steelworker, Jonathan Sferazo, can't climb a flight of stairs without doubling over in pain. Paramedic, Marvin Bathea, suffers from permanent sinusitis as well as post traumatic stress and asthma. Also featured is Mike McCormack, the firefighter who found the American flag that had been on the top of the Trade Tower in the rubble.

Hundreds of rescue workers are sick and that number is expected to rise sharply over the next several years. Because of an arbitrary technicality in the law Feal, Sferazo, Bathea and many more search and rescue workers no longer qualify for help from the 9/11 relief fund.

We travel with Feal, Sferazo, McCormack and Bathea as they have one last chance to hold their government accountable. They are banding together to lobby congress - traveling via caravan to Washington DC where Congress is considering an amendment to a bill, the Walsh Amendment, that will set aside $125 million of unspent 911 money to help New York State residence with the current and future 911-related health expenses. If this amendment doesn't pass, Congress will reclaim this unspent money and John Feal and his friends will be left out in the cold again.

Watch the video clip here.

The cameras follow the four men to Capital Hill as they attempt to tell their stories to politicians in the halls. After saying they are 9/11 workers, very few stop to listen.


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