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Thursday, December 08, 2005

The Future of Egypt's Women


Egyptian Police Beat Women Voters - Washington Post
Police beat back women voters with sticks when they tried to enter a cordoned-off polling station in an opposition stronghold in the Nile Delta on Wednesday, the final day of Egypt's staggered legislative elections.

Egypt's liberal women see veiled threat in Islamist rise - AFP
The spectacular performance of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt's legislative polls has heightened fears of a clampdown on women's freedoms should the Islamist group ever come to power.

Anniversary Of Granting Turkish Women Right To Vote And Run In Elections - Turkish Press
''Turkish women are exposed not only to gender discrimination and honor killings but also to discrimination because of their clothes, beliefs and thoughts,'' said Turkish Parliament Speaker Bulent Arinc on Monday. Arinc received State Minister Nimet Cubukcu and a delegation accompanying her on the occasion of the 71st anniversary of granting Turkish women the right to vote and stand in parliamentary and local elections. Arinc said that with a legal amendment made in 1934, Turkey became a country that granted political rights to women earlier than many European countries. He said there were now 24 women MPs in the Parliament and the rate of representation is actually 4.4 percent. ''Even though there has been an increase in participation of women in politics in the recent years, it is really saddening that we could not even reach the level of 1934's despite the 70 years that passed,'' he noted.

When we're treated like criminals, not victims - Guardian
It's easy to feel hopeless when you consider the extent of sexual violence against women in Britain. Look at the survey published yesterday by More magazine, which shows that one in four women believe that their drinks have been spiked on nights out, and only one in 20 feels safe on the streets. It's easy to feel that despite all the campaigning and consciousness raising, nothing is changing. The problem is that men are not being held to account for their crimes; look at the telling figure that only one in 20 of reported rapes results in a conviction.


Senate changes bill requiring ultrasound before abortion - WLNS
The Michigan Senate has approved a bill that requires medical clinics that order an ultrasound for women considering an abortion to give them a chance to see the ultrasound. A bill passed by the House in May required doctors to perform an ultrasound and offer women the chance to see it before an abortion. The Senate changed the bill to allow -- not require -- clinics to do an ultrasound exam. The bill is a compromise between abortion rights groups and anti-abortion groups.

Michigan group seeks petition drive targeting abortion - AP
A Michigan group plans to mount a petition drive that could potentially lead to a legal showdown over abortion rights. The Michigan proposal would let voters decide whether the state constitution should define a person as existing from the moment of conception. The effort, if successful, would seek to give legal standing to the unborn. The effort is backed by a group called Michigan Citizens for Life.


Women more vulnerable to HIV/AIDS infection than men - AFP
Not only are women biologically more prone to HIV infection than men, but for a variety of social, cultural and economic reasons they also have a harder time coping with the illness once infected, particularly in Africa.


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