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Monday, December 05, 2005

Iraq Facts

The Nation is out with an Iraq Index:

Deaths of US soldiers in Iraq by gender as of 11/21/05
Men: 2,050
Women: 47

Wounded US soldiers by gender as of 11/5/05
Men: 15,217
Women: 351

Soldiers wounded in Iraq who later died in hospitals in Germany and the United States: 76

Percentage of Army recruits in 2004 from counties where median household income is below US median: nearly 66%

Average number of insurgent attacks per day:
10/04 - 61
10/05 - 100

Percentage of US troops sent to Iraq or Afghanistan who have been deployed more than once: 33%

Annual pay samples of Army and Marine Corps soldiers serving in Iraq
Private First Class, 3 years service: $25,598
First Lieutenant, 2 years service: $33,031
Sergeant Major, more than 22 years service: $64,166
Colonel, more than 22 years service: $100,520

Estimated annual salarly range of civilian employees in Iraq
US Employees: $80,000-100,000
Non-US and non-Iraqi employees: $6,600-12,000

Estimated cost of war as of October 2005: $251 billion

Estimated cost of war per day: $195 million


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