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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Bursting the Liberal Bubble...

You never realize what a small bubble you live in until you leave it. I still can't get used to seeing "Bush/Cheney '04" and "Thinking Women Vote Republican" bumper stickers. Those stickers are nowhere to be found in San Francisco. Sure, 54,355 people voted for Bush in San Francisco, but the majority don't publicize their politics on their cars.

Then there's the radio. All conservative men, all the time. With the exception of a few callers, I have yet to hear any females. Billboards across Texas advertise conservative hosts like Michael Savage and Michael Medved. Since we're spending so much time on the road, we're spending a lot of time listening to the radio. NPR is available in the big cities, but once we hit rural areas, the signal dies. Lucky for the locals, most AM signals are incredibly strong. Why is Sean Hannity still talking about the Runaway Bride? And why are his callers so obsessed over why she ran away and whether she should reimburse officials for the time and money they spent searching for her? Imagine if they spent that time talking about a real issue.


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