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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Galveston 24-Hour Supercenter Wal-Mart

The President was in Galveston last week, so we decided to take a quick detour and check it out. I also read in the Lonely Planet that Galveston Island is as close as we'll get to the Deep South in Texas. It forgot to mention that the island is lined with fast food restaurants, gas stations, hotels and a Wal-Mart 24-Hour Supercenter. Yes, there's a Wal-Mart right across the street from the beach in Galveston. It even has its own bus stop. I've put radio shows together and written articles about Wal-Mart's business practices, but have never interviewed any shoppers. The parking lot was full. Now was the perfect opportunity.

Here are a few excerpts from those interviews:

Laura Boldeston
Voted for Bush

I think Wal-Mart is great. I shop here all the time. I like their prices and I'm sure just like here and any o ther state, you're gonna think of going to Wal-Mart before you go someplace else.

I saw four Wal-Marts on the drive from Houston to Galveston -- it's about a 30 minute drive. Do you think that's too many?

No I don't. I think they're making money and I think they're serving their purpose.

Are you familiar with the lawsuit that was filed against Wal-Mart for sex discrimination?

I'm familiar with one lawsuit that was filed against Wal-Mart, but I don't want to touch bases on that because it's none of my business.

Doris Foley
Voted for Bush

We call it Wally World. It's just a place that everybody goes to shop that's very reasonable. You can find just about everything you need.

Are you a regular shopper here?

Yes. I almost live in Wal-Mart. My mother says when she dies, she's gonna make sure she's buried behind Wal-Mart because I'll come see her everyday.

Have you heard about the sex discrimination lawsuit filed against Wal-Mart?

No I haven't heard anything on that.

It looks like you don't have any other options in this town other than Wal-Mart.

No we don't. We don't have a mall so everybody comes here.

Chester Harris
Voted for Kerry

I come to this Wal-Mart at least three or four times a week.

What do you like about it?

I've met some nice checkers and the managers and assistant managers. I find this store a very nice place to shop. When your money gets low, you come in here and always find something that you're able to pay for. The prices are cheap.

Have you read any of the complaints by employees who say Wal-Mart doesn't pay them fair wages?

I didn't read it, but I did hear it on TV. I don't know. It's just a place that pays chea p wages.

Anna Smith
Voted for Kerry

I come here two to three times a week.

What do you like about it?

You can get everything you need here at Wal-Mart. I buy clothes for my grandkids and some things for myself. Everything that I want to eat is right here at Wal-Mart.

There aren't many other stores around other than the Wal-Mart.

Not in this area. Wal-Mart is the best. I love the prices and the wide variety they have to offe r.

What did you buy today?

Clorox, milk, bread, plastic bags and a few other things.

A lot of people criticize Wal-Mart for paying their workers low wages. Have you heard about that?

Yes, but hey, if the workers don't like the conditions, they can always leave and go somewhere else. I have nothing to do with the complaints.


At 10/19/2006 1:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

we have recently moved here to the "deep south" to escape the materialism and homogenous nature of southern california. if you had chosen to investigate the island with any kind of depth you would have found a diverse, non-commercial and eclectic community that is unlike the deep south-unlike any region in this country. do you dismiss any community that has a walmart with such broad generalizations?

At 11/29/2006 1:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Next to Austin, Galveston is the most liberal city in Texas. You say deep south like we're Vidor, Santa Fe, or Jasper. Galveston is diverse, cultured, and beautiful.


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