<\body> Stories in America: September 2008

Monday, September 08, 2008

This week on Your Call Radio

Here's what's coming up this week.

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*Monday - A conversation with pollster John Zogby. Do you pay attention to polls? Do you trust them? Do they matter?

*Tuesday - A conversation about our voting system and electronic voting machines. Do you believe your vote will be counted in November?

Guests: Dorothy Fadiman, producer & director of the new documentary Stealing America: Vote by Vote

Richard Hayes Phillips, author of Witness to a Crime: A Citizens' Audit of an American Election - If you live in the Bay Area, be sure to check out his events this week.

*Wednesday - We're giving a voice to the polar bears. Scientists predict that two-thirds of the world's polar bears will disappear by the middle of the century. The National Snow and Ice Data Center reports that sea ice could reach all-time record lows in the last weeks of the Arctic summer making it incredibly difficult for polar bears to survive.

*Thursday - A conversation about a new documentary about women and body image called America the Beautiful. Why is America so obsessed with beauty?

*Friday - How did the media cover the week's news?