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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Occupation Project Grannies Arrested

Spine: Photo by Shirley Lin Kinoshita

Thanks, grannies:
On February 8, about 25 people crowded into the office of Representative Mike Honda (D) Campbell/San Jose, California. A dozen members of the Raging Grannies Action League and the San Jose Raging Grannies, served tea and cookies with HR 508 icing then sang “Go Tell Your Congressman to Get a Spine” to the tune of “God Bless America”. While performing the Grannies displayed a spine which cracked a smile on even the most stoney-faced office staff members.

Raging Grannies Action League member Ruthie Priest and local activist Doug MacKenzie stayed behind after closing hours at 5:00pm and were arrested and cited for trespassing.

But before that at 4:45pm, the Grannies sang this song to the staff of the Representative to the tune of Chatanooga ChooChoo.

Pardon Us Mike
We here to serve you tea and cookies
You need to be strong
Do what’s right— not what’s wrong
There’s gonna be
A granny sittin’ in your office
You’re still our guy
But we are here and here’s why
She won’t be— leavin’ when you close the door at quarter to five
CO-sponsor 508 to keep our soldiers alive
We’re bringin’ you nutrition
So Stop the escalation
Cut off funding and save the nation
We won’t be— serving up these cookies for so awfully long
the press will be reportin’
Mike you gotta be strong
So stop the escalation
Gotta save the nation
Bring our troops home now and make us Proud!


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