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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Adopt a Turkey!

Lucy the Turkey is asking you to adopt her, rather than eat her. This is from Farm Sanctuary. If you ever get a chance, check out the farm and be sure to hug Lucy...
Since 1986, Farm Sanctuary's annual Adopt-A-Turkey Project has rescued over one thousand turkeys from a thankless fate at the dinner table and given thousands of people an opportunity to adopt a turkey for the holidays.

Farm Sanctuary's Adopt-A-Turkey Project offers two ways for people to adopt turkeys this Thanksgiving holiday:

1. Sponsor "adopt" a turkey who lives at Farm Sanctuary's Watkins Glen, New York or Orland, California shelter for farm animals. For a one-time $20 adoption fee, adopters receive a color photograph of their turkey, an adoption certificate and a year subscription to Farm Sanctuary's quarterly newsletter. The adoption fee provides funds for feed, bedding and veterinary care for the turkeys. Please call 607-583-2225 or click here to adopt a turkey who lives at Farm Sanctuary.

2. Home adopt and provide a safe, permanent and loving home for two or more turkeys. Home adopters must be vegetarian or vegan, and committed to providing lifelong care for their turkey friends. Individuals interested in home adoptions must complete an adoption application. Approved adopters will be placed on a schedule to have their turkey companions personally delivered by Farm Sanctuary staff on the Turkey Express.

Every year, more people are choosing to celebrate a compassionate Thanksgiving for ALL, by saving a turkey!

The Adopt-A-Turkey Project is a program of Farm Sanctuary, the nation's largest farm animal rescue and protection organization.


At 11/23/2006 1:04 AM, Blogger Jack Boo said...

This is really fascinating....animal pictures inside their mother's wombs.

I don't know if this pictures would give anyone pause when considering their position on abortion (they do for me), but regardless, it's hard not to appreciate the beauty of life when looking at these. They really quite beautiful...


At 11/25/2006 10:36 PM, Blogger Jack Boo said...

Hey, this sounds familiar....



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