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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Florida Voting Glitches Favor Republicans

This is outrageous! No wonder Karl Rove is so sure the Republicans will win next week. Please forward to friends and family and make sure they check their votes. Of course, this isn't new, but it's criminal that our 'elected leaders' are still allowing this to happen.

Three out of four votes will be counted electronically this election. Only four companies manufacture the voting machines and they all use proprietary software.

Remember what Diebold's CEO said in 2003?
The head of a company vying to sell voting machines in Ohio told Republicans in a recent fund-raising letter that he is "committed to helping Ohio deliver its electoral votes to the president next year."
This is from the Miami Herald:
Debra A. Reed voted with her boss on Wednesday at African-American Research Library and Cultural Center near Fort Lauderdale. Her vote went smoothly, but boss Gary Rudolf called her over to look at what was happening on his machine. He touched the screen for gubernatorial candidate Jim Davis, a Democrat, but the review screen repeatedly registered the Republican, Charlie Crist.

Mauricio Raponi wanted to vote for Democrats across the board at the Lemon City Library in Miami on Thursday. But each time he hit the button next to the candidate, the Republican choice showed up. Raponi, 53, persevered until the machine worked. Then he alerted a poll worker.


At 11/01/2006 10:38 AM, Blogger Jack Boo said...

Time to take a deep breath and calm down. This is undoubtedly just a performance art piece by a Dibold software programmer intended to be an elaborate pun about George Bush's intelligence.

(Although I love the "No wonder Karl Rove is so sure the Republicans will win next week" conspiracy theory.)

At 11/01/2006 6:22 PM, Blogger nunya said...

And sooooooooo much more documented malfeasance here:


At 11/01/2006 8:31 PM, Blogger Jack Boo said...

Speaking of vote fraud, looks like we have some indictments in Missouri:

Investigators said questionable registration forms for new voters were collected by the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now, a group that works to improve minority and low-income communities.

The four indicted -- Kwaim A. Stenson, Dale D. Franklin, Stephanie L. Davis and Brian Gardner -- were employed by ACORN as registration recruiters. They were each charged with two counts.

Federal indictments allege the four turned in false voter registration applications. Prosecutors said the indictments are part of a national investigation.



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