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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Support Iranian Activist Shirin Ebadi

This is from the Feminist Majority Foundation's Eleanor Smeal:
In an ominous action, Iran has outlawed the Center for the Defense of Human Rights - an organization co-founded by Dr. Shirin Ebadi, a Nobel Peace Laureate and a hero for her work on rights for women and children. Iran has declared the organization illegal, claiming it did not have a proper permit, and is threatening to arrest Dr. Ebadi and the center staff for continuing their work on behalf of women and children.
Please join feminists and human rights activists worldwide to support Shirin Ebadi and her work. Urge the United Nations to support Shirin Ebadi and the Iranian government to declare legal the Center for the Defense of Human Rights.

I had the privilege to meet with Dr. Ebadi in April when the Feminist Majority Foundation honored her for her work. She is dedicated to women’s rights - I have never seen her kind of courage and determination in the face of such a strong opposition to women's rights. She has risked her life for women and children. We cannot let her down.

Not having a proper permit appears to be an excuse. Civil society organizations are not required by law in Iran to obtain a permit to operate. Even so, the Center did apply for the permit when the group was founded; despite repeated attempts, the government never responded to their application.

The global community needs the work of Dr. Shirin Ebadi. She has defended women and children, many of them on a pro bono basis. She is one of only seven living women Nobel Peace Laureates, and her contributions to human rights in Iran have been considerable.

Dr. Ebadi's work and human rights advocacy are critically needed in a country where independent thinkers and women's rights activists are silenced and a woman is accorded only half the legal worth of a man. Write to urge the reversal of the Iranian government's decision. Join feminists and human rights activists across the world to support Dr. Shirin Ebadi. She must not be silenced.


At 8/17/2006 6:56 AM, Anonymous timmy said...

Very good article here about Dr. Shirin Ebadi and her bravery in the face of Islamofacists.



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