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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Operation House Call: Week Six, Day Two

Week Six, Day Two
....it was a devastating, heartbreaking moment when the Capitol police made Carlos Arredondo open up the full size casket that he drives around the country in honor of his son, Alex, hoping to prevent the loss of more lives. Carlos methodically removed the clips holding the flag in place, and removed his boy's boots from the lid. He hung his sons uniform, bedecked with the Bronze Star and Purple Heart, on the crossbars of the Operation house Call sign. Military Families Speak Out members gathered around, as did the two park police who had come to challenge our permit. My husband survived his first tour. Should he be redeployed in 2007, all bets are off.

When Carlos opened the lid, I held my breath, as did Gold Star parents Al Zappala, and newly-minted member Gilda Carbonaro, who buried her boy on may 23rd, and had just returned from Italy, where she had been invited to speak.

Apparently the Europeans are much more concerned about the human costs of this illegal, immoral war than are Americans.


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