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Friday, April 07, 2006

Another Beautiful Day in Baghdad

Iraqis walk past the body of a victim of an explosion at a mosque Friday April 7, 2006 in Baghdad, Iraq. An explosion rocked a Shiite mosque in northern Baghdad after religious services Friday, killing at least 30 people, police said.(AP Photo/Assad Muhsin)

An Iraqi boy wounded in blasts at the Baratha mosque in Baghdad is wheeled away from the scene. Foreign Minister Peter MacKay said Canada "strongly condemns" an attack on a Shiite mosque in Baghdad which killed 79 people and wounded 164 worshippers attending prayers in the Iraqi capital. (AFP/Wissam al-Okaili)

Rescuers remove a body from inside a mosque after suicide bombing in central Baghdad April 7, 2006. Three suicide bombers dressed as women killed at least 50 people at a Shi'ite mosque on Friday in Baghdad, police said, putting more pressure on Iraq's divided leaders to form a government and face up to sectarian violence. (REUTERS/Khaled Al-Mousily)

Blood, slippers and clothes are seen scattred about outside the Baratha mosque in Baghdad. Three suicide bombers, two of them disguised as women, killed at least 79 people and wounded 164 as worshippers left a popular Baghdad Shiite mosque after weekly prayers, in the second major attack on Iraq's majority community in as many days. (AFP/Ahmad Al Rubaye)


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