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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

A Day in the Life of Women Around the Globe

Dr. Mariam Saleh, third left, the only woman member of the new Palestinian government, pauses among other members of the cabinet, during the swearing in ceremony at the headquarters of Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in the West Bank city of Ramallah, Wednesday March 29, 2006. Hamas formally took power Wednesday. (AP Photo/Muhammed Muheisen)

Indian doctor Nayana Patel(C) poses with two surrogate mothers at her clinic in Anand. Patel runs the Akanksha infertility clinic and is mentor and protector of the women who are surrogate mothers. For the sake of financial security, the life of India's new breed of professional surrogate mothers means lies, secrecy and often nine months hiding. (AFP)

A woman sits in front of riot police in Caen. Police used tear gas and batons to quell angry demonstrators in Paris as nationwide strikes and protest action brought over a million onto the nation's streets to rally against new youth job laws. (AFP/Mychele Daniau)

A woman digs a water dam in Bur Dhuxunle village in southern Somalia, 370km (230 miles) west of the capital Mogadishu, March 29, 2006, as locals strive to fight the drought ravaged East African nation. (REUTERS/Thomas Mukoya)

This 1999 Carroll family photo shows freelance journalist Jill Carroll, left, and her twin sister, Katie, when they were 21 years old. Jill Carroll, a freelance writer for The Christian Science Monitor, was kidnapped on Jan. 7, in Baghdad. Katie Carroll pleaded Wednesday, March 29, 2006, on the Arab television channel Al Abrabiya for Jill's release saying her sister is a 'wonderful person' who is an 'innocent woman.' (AP Photo/Carroll family photo via The Christian Science Monitor)


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