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Thursday, November 03, 2005

GOP Kills Iraq Investigation Resolution

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi today introduced a resolution calling on Republicans "to comply with their oversight responsibilities, demands they conduct a through investigation of abuses relating to the Iraq war and condemns their refusal to conduct oversight of an executive branch controlled by the same party." The resolution failed by 220 to 191, with all Republicans voting against it.

The resolution accuses Republicans of failing "to undertake meaningful, substantive investigations of any of the abuses pertaining to the Iraq war, including the manipulation of prewar intelligence, the public release of a covert operative's name, the role of the vice president in Iraqi reconstruction, and the Abu Ghraib prisoner abuse scandal."

Here's Pelosi's response to the vote:

"A vote to table is a vote to cover-up. Congress has the responsibility to find out why so many things in Iraq have gone so terribly wrong. That is why I asked the House to investigate abuses relating to Iraq. Yet, Republicans again thwarted efforts to answer the questions of the American people. This Republican cover-up Congress refuses to live up to its oversight responsibility. Congress has an obligation to identify and correct the problems that led to the production of flawed intelligence. Our troops are at risk until that is done, and yet, there is no sense of urgency to undertake a thorough review of what went wrong. Neither the issue of the quality of the intelligence nor the equally important issue of whether intelligence was politicized, have been investigated by this Congress."


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