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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Watch 60 Minutes: Exposing A CIA Spy

I haven't written anything about the Valerie Plame leak because I prefer to focus on issues that are undercovered or not covered at all, but tonight's 60 Minutes broadcast on the leak is definitely worth mentioning and watching.

Unfortunately, most of this morning's news shows failed to address the issue at hand: what does the outing of Valerie Plame mean to her, her family, CIA agents who are currently overseas and the United States?

CIA officials, most of whom tend to avoid the media, are speaking out because the unprecedented leak has put lives in danger.

Melissa Mahle spent 14 years in the Middle East as a covert CIA operative maintaining a series of fictitious "legends," or cover stories, created by her superiors:

"We're not being undermined by the North Koreans. We're not being undermined by the Russians. We're being undermined by officials in our own government. That I find galling."

DailyDissent.org has the video.


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