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Sunday, September 18, 2005

American Indian Ministry Sunday

As part of my project, I'm attending different churches on Sundays to find out what role religion plays in politics and what draws people to specific churches. This morning I attended the University Congregational Church in Missoula, Montana, a congregation of about 700.

Today also happens to be American Indian Ministry Sunday, which celebrates and honors nineteen United Church of Christ congregations on American Indian reservations and one multi-tribe UCC congregation in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Here is today's unison prayer:

Wakantanka, Great Spirit, you have given us life and hope.
We tell you that we love you everyday of our lives.
We know that we haven't been living up to what you have set before us.
Please forgive us, teach us,
and show us how to walk the red road.
Thank you for your daily blessings,
both small and large.
May judgment of others, bigotry, racism and intolerance
be washed clean from our hearts.
May our minds be filled with your thoughts,
your unconditional love, and your acceptance of all people.
May this nation be forgiven its transgressions
against Native Americans,
and others who have suffered.
May our lives be turned into instruments of resurrection
that any sins of our forbearers be reversed through us.
May the beauty and greatness of this land
burst forth once more in the hearts of its people.
May the dreams of our ancestors
be realized in us,
so we might live in honest and integrity with all of our neighbors.
May we once again be a light to the nations
for hope and goodness and peace and freedom.
May we be repaired.
May we be forgiven.
May we be renewed.
May our children be blessed.
May you bless the entire world's family, our tiospaye.


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